It’s been an exhilarating year for K3 Syspro. Coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of SYSPRO, we have launched a campaign in the UK to promote the powers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As well as helping a growing number of manufacturers to build resilience and overcome resistance to change in the face of unprecedented uncertainty we have launched SYSPRO 8: the next generation of ERP software.

NICK MCGRANE – Managing Director, K3 Syspro


Manufacturers can safely say that 2018 has provided little to no clarity on what to expect in 2019, largely as a result of Brexit uncertainty. But a constant is the pressure on businesses to raise UK productivity levels, which is one of the key pillars in the government’s Industrial Strategy. The UK continues to lag behind other European countries in terms of productivity and this is proving hard to overcome. The question manufacturing businesses must ask themselves now, is: ‘What tools do I have at my disposal in order to make my company, leaner, stronger and more competitive?’

Digitalisation is widely discussed as one of the key drivers, with integrated ERP solutions often at its foundation. K3 Syspro provides a suite of solutions that unleash 10 “SupERPowers”, which equip business leaders with the tools to analyse and respond to events through the entire manufacturing process and wider business. Launched earlier this year, our latest campaign has helped us engage with both existing and prospective customers, demonstrating how technological solutions allow business leaders to integrate operations and improve effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately improving resilience and driving productivity.

SYSPRO 8 integrates a range of new technologies, including AI and IoT platforms, and breaks new ground for ERP provision.
The launch of SYSPRO 8 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to addressing the needs of manufacturers; responding to the current trends in software technology through ERP innovation has never been more critical. The businesses I speak to are having to grapple with some major challenges. What will Brexit hold in store? What are the implications for international trade? How can I plan for growth in such a climate of uncertainty?

One thing is certain: ERP is most effective when times are tough. Weathering the storm requires visibility. Businesses need the apparatus to gather and interpret key data on every aspect of workflow, from the shop floor to the customer door. It is time to gear up for global competition by investing in technology that helps cut costs, boost productivity and facilitate strategic decision making.

I’m confident UK manufacturing will rise to all challenges. Ultimately, it will do so through good old -fashioned resilience and embracing the powers technology can give us to become leaner, more productive and, ultimately, more profitable. SYSPRO ERP provides manufacturers with control and real-time insight, allowing them to react, evolve and emerge fitter and stronger.
Those who are not only willing to invest in effective ERP but also secure the buy-in of the entire workforce have cause for optimism. The future is theirs to shape.