Above: K3 Syspro “always puts people first”


ERP provider K3 Syspro boasts a proud heritage – one that has seen the company deliver ERP solutions for more than three decades. Established in 1983, the business has gained a reputation as a market leader and built an impressive product portfolio.

K3 Syspro has achieved this by investing in its people and building a skills base incorporating hundreds of years of collective product knowledge and expertise. By embracing new ideas, applying new technology and adapting its offer to keep pace with changing needs in a rapidly changing environment, K3 Syspro uses these credentials to help customers confront the challenges ahead.

K3 Syspro has been delivering ERP solutions for more than 30 years.

K3 Syspro grew its business by acquiring the first two UK resellers of SYSPRO software and building a forensic knowledge of its solutions. That expertise was embedded within the business from the outset and has helped K3 Syspro develop into the success story it is today. Many of the staff have remained with the company throughout that journey, accruing a depth of understanding unrivalled in the ERP sector.

K3 Syspro always puts people first and has developed a culture which nurtures and rewards talent. Roughly half of the staff have worked for K3 Syspro for at least 10 years, and quite a few have been with the company a lot longer. For example, the MD, Nick McGrane, has been with the business for 25 years and started out on the support desk. This exemplary record of staff retention offers customers the dual benefits of experience and continuity.

The growth trajectory of the business and its people is intrinsically linked to the role of being the main European distributor for SYSPRO and the head office for SYSPRO Europe. This year the software developer is celebrating its 40th anniversary alongside the launch of its most advanced release to date, SYSPRO 8.

Since the 1980s, K3 Syspro have worked side by side with SYSPRO, harnessing its ERP solutions to help future proof customers’ businesses. To do that K3 Syspro have to be agile and responsive. Be it digitalisation or IoT, the company continues to utilise the latest technological innovations to ensure its products respond to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
As K3 Syspro moves forward together with its customers, breaking new ground and offering new solutions, the ethos of the offer will remain the same. It’s the people and the technology that hold the key to the company’s success.

Whether it’s the project managers who guide customers through the process of implementation, or the end users who receive first-class training and support to ensure the software has a positive transformative impact on their working lives, effective ERP is about people power. The supERPowers available through K3 Syspro’s solutions, will help prepare everyone for whatever the coming decades have in store.