At the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), we have a raft of services to support our Members and help them do better business, as well as being the voice for our industry. 

We work hard to ensure we provide valuable services, from apprentice loans and grants for our SME members to help them recruit and upskill their workforce, to export help and participation at international exhibitions. From our networking events, putting buyers and sellers together or our liaison with key government officials, we listen to our members and do our best to provide services that reflect their needs.

New service


Recently, we have introduced a new service, allowing all full MTA members, read-only access to the industry relevant standards. This list contains up to 200 BSi Standards and is the same for all MTA Members. MTA Members can put in requests to have specific Standards added to this list.

We are pleased to be working strategically, in partnership with BSi, to bring this Innovative and unprecedented arrangement to our Members. Historically, the MTA has had an influence on how Standards are written and developed, sitting on the BSi Standard committees for the safety and accuracy of Machine Tools. However, we have been increasing our coverage and now provide guidance on Standards covering subjects such as additive manufacturing, digital, robotics, automation and cyber security.

Standards are a key component in how many businesses run, especially for the technology many MTA members develop, manufacture and sell in the UK and Europe. Standards that are listed in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) provide a presumption of conformity with the relevant legislation, such as the Machinery Directive (MD). Therefore, following the relevant standards permit companies to apply the European CE marking to their goods, allowing them to be sold in the European market.

Room for improvement


Furthermore, standards don’t just give specification on how to make machinery safe and accurate, but also provide guidance on how to run businesses in an effective manner. Having free access to these business operating standards allow companies to identify improvement opportunities, making them more effective and efficient. For example, a company which achieves ISO 9001 certification shows an internationally agreed level of quality and therefore allows them to win more business.

Though the MTA’s Technical Committee, we look at the impact and issues around the implementation and updating of Standards, and make sure that we influence their formation. This ensures that any new Standard or those that are being updated, which may impact on MTA members, is fit for purpose when released. It is integral as an industry that we have oversight of what is going on and have the opportunity to influence the outcome.

Whether you are BSi Member or not, Standards can be a costly. We know that this new free service will add value, saving our members hundreds of pounds, both in access to Standards and also in encouraging their continued adoption to underpin trade. The benefit of having access to these Standards can be a huge advantage for our Members, especially when they just want to take a speculative look, as this would normally cost them around £200 per Standard to download.

This new free Standards access service is available to all full MTA Members. If you are interested in finding out more about MTA membership or this service, please get in contact and if you require more information about Standards and our Technical Committee email Joshua Dugdale at