Above: Speedback Silverstone Edition: the grand tourer for the 21st century.

Founded in March 2013, David Brown Automotive defines itself as a coachbuilder for the 21st century, taking the elegant looks of previous decades and combining them with modern, state-of-the-art engineering, production methods, technology, performance and safety. 

Using predominantly British-sourced premium materials and traditional artisan craftsmanship, each vehicle is produced by hand in Great Britain. Our models appeal to a wide international audience who value elegant styling, quality materials and British handcraftsmanship.
Within its model range are Speedback GT: a reimagining of the 1960’s inspired grand tourer taking 8,000-man hours, with more than 3,200 man hours alone going into the handrolling and beating of its all-aluminum hand rolled body.
Whilst Mini Remastered delivers the unparalleled genius of the original motoring icon, whilst meeting customer expectations of a bespoke luxury package that is fully modern and is a unique combination of technology and handcraftsmanship. Each car takes 1000 dedicated man hours to build, here at Silverstone.

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