Using technological solutions to enable manufacturers with a raft of “super powers” that will allow everyone within your business to work more effectively and efficiently. Data is king and by deploying tools which collate, synchronise and interpret key information, business leaders can keep track of operations and make informed strategic decisions. At K3 Syspro, our product portfolio unleashes a whole series of SupERPowers, which give customers the capability to see, analyse and respond to what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our products are specifically designed for manufacturers and address the challenges they face within an increasingly competitive global market. These are tough times for many of the businesses we speak to. How can I respond to the threat of Brexit? How do I truly embrace Industry 4.0? What changes can I make to boost productivity and reduce costs?


Control over data and real-time insight allows manufacturers to react, evolve and weather whatever storms come their way.  A true understanding of your strengths and weaknesses means making the right choices and picking the right battles.


Unless you can see what is happening in every nook and cranny of your operation, how can you begin to bring about change? With K3 Syspro, the walls of your factory become transparent. The centralised and fully synchronised ERP system allows you to interrogate activity across all departments, be it monitoring the journey of raw materials, shedding light on inventory control, or gaining a more detailed overview of sales activity.

Knowledge Sharing

Once you have visibility of data, you then need to get it to the right people at the right time. Our solutions give manufacturers the power to share knowledge, facilitating faster, smarter and more effective distribution of information to colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Customers have found this particularly useful when making the transition to servitization. Service-focused relationships rely on effective knowledge transfer.

Manufacturer G&B Electronics embraced a new partnership-based business model, and our integrated ERP solution allowed customers to follow their product at every stage of the manufacturing supply chain.

Managing director Laura McBrown says: “We are catapulting our customer to the heart of our operations. That’s why we are constantly working with K3 Syspro to ensure our investment in SYSPRO helps us reach beyond our current remit in a way that our customers feel comfortable with and recognise the value of.”

That ability to share data and knowledge also supports joined up working right across an organisation, ensuring everyone is synchronised and working towards common goals.


Manufacturers throughout the supply chain are fighting through a fog of business data and struggling to collate appropriate information to provide traceability. SYSPRO ERP allows users to easily track and recall information on any product, transaction or alteration they choose, making traceability quicker and simpler. 

Fleet Laboratories; the manufacturing division of DDD – producing pharmaceuticals, toiletries and household products – is one such example. The business used our ERP system to streamline its internal processes and introduce integrated control systems across its sites.

Fleet’s customer operations manager, Juliet Johnson, says: “An integrated management system would also help us to achieve the increasing requirements of the pharmaceutical regulatory agencies to improve data storage, lot traceability and product recall disciplines.”

Productivity and Efficiency

Once manufacturers have the information to track and analyse operations at a granular level, they can interrogate every aspect of the business all in one place. This holistic view of business data, without silos, makes identifying bottlenecks and underutilised resources simple, and therefore fixing them quick.

Intelligence and Foresight

With visibility and traceability comes insight, which gives manufacturers an invaluable competitive edge. The real-time overview available on our dashboard forms the basis of informed corporate planning.

Cambridge-based technology SME Gardasoft says its K3 Syspro ERP system has allowed for much more intelligent thinking. The company’s supply chain manager, Sergei Using, says: “We can make much better business decisions because of the data we are collecting.”


Gardasoft also used our products to empower the leadership team in streamlining operations. Greater automation and digitisation reduces waste, removes duplication of efforts and by automating repetitive administrative tasks frees people up to get on with higher value work.

Part of that streamlining process is capitalising on the speed of ERP-enabled operations. Faster processing capability means every task is not only completed much quicker, but also more accurately.

Profits and Financial Gain

All these super powers converge to make for a more profitable business. Our customers have full visibility of costs and finances and this gives them the foresight required to take control, supercharge the business and boost the bottom line.

Our commitment is to help manufacturers gather, interpret and harness data to meet common goals. K3 Syspro’s solutions ensure all teams are singing from the same hymn sheet, with disparate groups sharing the same accurate up-to-date information. Come and talk to us about how we can help your business and flaunt your super powers to drive your business forward.


  • Sharing knowledge
  • Joined up working
  • Visibility
  • Intelligence and Foresight
  • Traceability
  • Speed
  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Streamlining
  • Profits and Financial Gain
  • Resilience

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