Above: K3 Equator improves HR productivity and management by extending visibility
[title size=”4″]More than a payroll solution: How Equator HR is changing the human resource game for manufacturers[/title]
Equator HR has been designing, developing and implementing human resource solutions for over two decades. Throughout that time, the company has nurtured a reputation – particularly in the manufacturing industry – for unrivalled support and continuous software development. It’s this forward-thinking approach that has helped many of their manufacturing customers stay one step ahead of the competition: by seeing human resource management not as a problem to be solved, but as an opportunity and a catalyst for growth.
This way of thinking is going to prove crucial in the years to come but many manufacturers are still oblivious to the role software like K3 Syspro’s Equator can play in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity. Like many HR platforms on the market, it encompasses things like payroll, personnel and time and attendance but it also capitalises on the data that’s available everywhere through real-time data collection, access control and employee portal, turning it into insight that managers can use to continuously improve operations.
Devices like barcodes, proximity tags and biometric readers can feed real-time data into the system about employee and stock movement, giving managers unparalleled visibility across the operation through its Shop Floor Data Collection module. This kind of data is invaluable to thousands of businesses across the retail sector – why should manufacturing be left behind?
What’s more, Equator HR takes pride in constantly upgrading and tweaking its platform and the company also offers bespoke builds for unique manufacturers. The potential return on investment for a custom-built HR platform that can track real-time data and help manage personnel is enormous. The off-the-shelf version of Equator HR can be run in-house or hosted in the cloud, and can also be tweaked with various modules and bolt-ons to give manufacturers everything they need to enhance their operations.
In 2018 and beyond, and with Industry 4.0 rapidly approaching, the game is changing for manufacturers. HR tools are going to need to work harder and smarter and that’s why software solutions from companies like Equator MR HR and K3 Syspro are so encouraging.

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