Mabey Bridge created a more engaging experience for its customers and improved collaboration and the efficiency of its internal processes by developing a suite of digital tools.

Mabey Bridge is a leading international provider of high-quality modular bridging solutions. Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, the company specialises in rapid-build, prefabricated modular steel bridging solutions to enable accelerated bridge construction in urban and rural areas.

An Acrow Group Company, Mabey Bridge supplies bridging solutions to customers in over 150 countries worldwide in a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, transport, construction, and extraction. It is renowned for the premium quality of its products, its rich heritage of design, manufacturing and engineering, as well as its use of innovative tools and technologies.

Taking on internal and external Challenges  

Mabey Bridge had already worked with a number of Autodesk tools over the years, including AutoCAD, Inventor and 3ds Max. Continuing on its digital journey, the company wanted to advance business growth and accelerate innovation by addressing two specific challenges. Firstly, it wanted to improve the customer experience and make information more readily accessible online. It also wanted to enhance information- sharing internally across the business to increase efficiency and productivity in order to deliver customer quotes faster and speed up customer response times. Improving design processes and customer-centricity The company decided to adopt the BIM 360 collaboration features within the Autodesk portfolio to boost efficiencies across the business and help Mabey Bridge’s project teams work more effectively. Using Inventor’s iLogic tool, they are now able to automate part of the design process and create rules-driven, interactive 3D models more easily. Teams can now generate more accurate and detailed 3D models, freeing up design time and resources. Furthermore, the integration of Autodesk’s Configurator 360 product into the business has helped reduce the time it takes to generate a quote from days to just minutes, and the built-in online version now sits on Mabey Bridge’s website, giving customers the ability to produce customised designs themselves.

A continued path of digital transformation 

Mabey Bridge can now respond to customers five times faster than before and has been able to increase the volume of business enquiries generated by a third using the same resources.

Thanks to the integration of the new Autodesk tools, the team can now re-focus their time on more complex project proposals, as well as looking at the next big product innovations and ways to enhance the customer experience further.

Chris Drew, Head of BIM and Digital Innovation, said, “We knew that technology was a key enabler. We engaged with Autodesk to find solutions that would easily fit into our existing workflows and help overcome the challenges we were facing, ultimately allowing us to accelerate innovation to become even more efficient and customer-focused. We are now working towards a more overarching digital strategy as the next step on our digital journey.”

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